Writing app and task manager.

With Gooba you no longer need separate apps to write your notes
and manage your tasks.
You have everything here, with a simple and interactive design.

Writing app and task manager.

With Gooba you no longer need separate apps to write your notes
and manage your tasks.
You have everything here, with a simple and interactive design.

Notes and tasks in one app.

Write a document and set a reminder to remind you when to send it. With Gooba you can do both in one app.

A simple Markdown editor.

Gooba is not a simple app for notes. But a real writing app.
Thanks to Markdown support, writing has never been so simple and beautiful.

And thanks to the keyboard shortcuts, if you write from the iPad
with an external keyboard, it will be like writing from a computer.
Gooba is now compatabile with Grammarly. All you need is Grammarly Premium to activate and fix all grammtical errors while writing. You can activate trial account for 30 days for free from ThomsonShore.

Infinite notes within infinite folders.

The organization of the notes in Gooba is special. Create infinite folders and insert in them all the notes you want.


Create sub-folders to organize your notes even better.

Your notes everywhere.

Gooba's notes are universal and can be exported in different formats to use them wherever you want. Currently it is possible to export the notes in PDF, txt, Markdown and HTML.

Protect your notes completely.

For important documents, provide extra security and lock them with a PIN. You can speed up their unlocking with the Touch ID or Face ID of your iPhone or iPad.

An important place for priorities.

Assign priority to your notes and quickly find them in this section.

Light, Dark or Black? The choice is yours.

Choose between the three themes included.

Classic mode gives you light and lets you work better with Gooba. Dark mode, however, is useful for resting the eyes and for those who work too much time in front of a screen.


Black Mode: to offer a better experience with devices with OLED display.

Your tasks managed simply.

Remember everything: the products to buy and the business appointments. Organize your study and your days. Do all this simply, thanks to the intuitive interface.

Group your tasks.

Create infinite groups and organize your tasks better than you would with your mind.


Group sharing: share a list of tasks with your family
or colleagues.

Your dashboard.

View your progress from this tab. Set a goal and take a look at the days of the week when you are most productive.

Notes and Tasks work together.

The notes and tasks in Gooba are combined. For example, you can attach a note to a task and viceversa.

Gooba for Users

A free account with the main features of Gooba, continuously improved and updated.

• Unlimited notes 

• Unlimited tasks

• Markdown editor

• Priority Notes

• Recover deleted notes

• Export of notes in PDF & txt 

• Several font for the editor

• 2 groups for tasks

• Dashboard

• Levels

• No ads 

• And more... 

Always free

Gooba for Creators

An economic, universal and always updated plan. Without subscription.

• All features of the free plan

• Folders

• Protected Notes

• Export of notes in Markdown & HTML

• More than 2 groups for tasks

• Completed Tasks

• Scheduled Tasks

• Reminders

• This week tab

• This month tab

• Notes in Tasks / Tasks in Notes

• Apple Watch app

• Universal Search

• Dark Mode  

• Black Mode

• And more...

Only $7,99 (one-off) 

Not sure how to use Gooba?

We have prepared a collection of articles to introduce you the best features of Gooba. Start from the basics and become a productive and organized person.

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